There is a popular saying that the queen of all the flowers is rose andundoubtedly, without a competition, one of the most popular flowers when ordering online. Therefore, we will get you acquainted to the types of roses we offer online in Lithuania. There are many varieties of roses and some of them are the most popular in Lithuania, which are the following:

Avalanche“ (of the snow) – the most frequently ordered rose type online among all the white roses as they have big and exclusive opening blossoms and for the reason is very popular in the wedding floristics. Such roses can be even 1 meter in height. It has been noticed that in the beginning of the Avalanche appearance people were very doubtful if the rose is at the end of its bloom while, as it was mentioned before, it has such wide blossom. On contrary, this type of rose is one of the long lasting.

“Grand prix” – the variety of roses, which got its name after the plant breeders have won many prizes for this new variety of roses. this type of rose is special for its rich bordeaux color and tender scent. Such roses can also be 1 meter long. While ordering roses online in order to deliver them in Lithuania it is one of the most frequently sent roses.

“Miss Piggy” – a brand new rose type, but already so much-admired. It can be considered whether the rose is pink or orange, but as it is seen in the picture the light orange color very beautifully merges into the pink. Miss Piggy represents romantics, playfulness and easiness.

“Vanilla Sky” – gently pastel lemon color rose which is usually used in subtle flower bouquets and compositions such as romantic style celebrations.

“Memory Lane” rose is unique because of its color which is more of a vintage style which petals merge to tender lilac or blank purple color. In the beginning it was quite an unusual choice but nowadays it is one of the most popular roses to deliver in Lithuania because it is original, trendy, subtle and suitable for the most of occasions.

“Piano freiland” and “Pink freiland” are considered as peony roses while their blossoms remind much of those of the peony. The trend of such type of roses came from the USA along with the wedding floristics where such remarkable roses are inevitable in the bridal bouquets. The roses are much-admired by the florists in Lithuania while they look very naturalistic and organic.

“Marie Clare” roses‘ blossoms are of intensive orange color. From the center of the blossom pale orange color merges into the red tips of the petals. This variety of roses is unpretentious and quite frequently ordered online in Lithuania.

“Norma Jeane” (referring to the famous American actress Marilyn Monroe) roses are the most fragrant white roses. Having at least several Norma Jeane roses in your bouquet or other flower arrangement you can be sure to have a pleasant aroma in the lodgings where these roses would be placed.