In order to choose the flower bouquet or composition that would match your concept at its most and would stay longer as fresh as possible, also making sure that the flowers you order online would be appropriate to a certain occasion, we will offer some useful tips and advise how to choose flowers you would like to order online.

To begin with, while ordering flowers online, the best choice would be such flower bouquets and compositions which would consist of the seasonal flowers.

Usually flowers are brought to Europe from the main Dutch flower auctions at first having been delivered there mainly from Africa and South America. Such transportation of the flowers may take between several days up to a week, therefore, they are not so fresh as the seasonal flowers. Thus, if you order seasonal flowers you can be sure that they will stay fresh much longer as they are brought directly from Lithuania.

For example, the spring is the best time to order such flowers as tulips, freesias, anemones, hyacinths or daffodils etc. Note, that these flowers bloom longer in the cool and shorter in the warm lodgings. Moreover, most of the spring flowers are strongly scented which is also one of the most attractive features, but people with specific allergies should also be careful that such strong scents wouldn’t cause them allergic reactions.

The flowers of the summer and autumn seasons have the feature to bloom longer after being cut. Such flowers are roses, sunflowers, clematis, dahlias, gerberas, lilies and carnations. Also different kinds of chrysanthemums bloom particularly long.Many exotic and long-lasting flowers such heliconias, strelitzias, leucospermums, magnolias and many varieties of orchids usually are brought (as they are not being cultivated in) to Lithuania.

The winter season in Lithuania is too cold that any flower could grow outside – only in the special greenhouses. The most popular flowers ordered online in Lithuania during the wintertime are tulips, amarillis, roses, branches of ilex and various bulbous flowers.

Flower delivery in Lithuania during the cold season

Many people who order flowers online during the winter season in Lithuania usually prefer that their chosen flower bouquets or compositions would rather be delivered to the recipient’s working place or some other places than the home of the recipient. Of course, it is undoubtedly more outstanding when your admirers surprise you in public. Nevertheless, sometimes flower recipients face with the problem of transportation, especially when the temperature outside is below zero – they might not understand that it is essential not to carry the delivered flowers outside for the longer period of time. Therefore, the best solution during the cold season in Lithuania would be ordering flowers online which would be delivered directly to the recipient’s living place.

Flower delivery to hospitals, working places etc.

Long distances, working schedules etc. may cause troubles to visit your beloved ones as often as you would prefer in the healthcare centers or elsewhere. For this reason our services could at least make it much easier to show and express your appreciation by sending flowers to the people you care.

For instance, in order not to cause problems of the delivered flowers’ arrangement place in the hospital, the best way is to order the flower composition in a box, container or basket which are filled with a special humid floral foam.

If you have no idea which flowers to choose

Of course, if it’s not the first time you send the flowers to the person you admire, it is very likely that you already have an idea which flowers s/he loves the most, but the people who have never dealt with the floral art may have no clue which concept of flower bouquets or compositions to choose. Therefore, before ordering flowers online it is better at first figuring out which flowers or at least colors for the recipient are the favorite ones. The definitions of the flower arrangements such as “a pastel or bright colored bouquet of flowers”, “classical style flower bouquets and compositions”, “wild flowers or roses”, “warm and organic bouquet” etc. can come in handy.

The most popular floral concepts are: “wild flowers’ bouquets”, “flower bouquets/arrangements with or without roses”. An arrangement of wild flowers and stems doesn’t necessarily mean that such bouquet or composition would only consist of the flowers and plants which grow in Lithuanian fields. It may also be arranged from the smaller flowers (could also be miniature roses). In other words, such kind of flower arrangement looks organic, dynamic and very naturalistic.

Speaking about the special occasions, one of the most popular is St. Valentine’s day with its most popular flowers, red/bordeux roses, which symbolize love and passion. Another most popular occasion is wedding usually associated with bright colored flower bouquets and compositions.